• The Importance of Lovies in Sleep Training

    By Danielle Rowe
    Many of us still have that beloved blankie or stuffed animal from our childhood stored in a box in the attic….AND there is no way we are going to get rid of it!
  • To Lovie or Not to Lovie: Making the Case for Transitional Objects

    By Kelly Weygandt
    Parents, are you wondering when, if, or how to introduce a lovie, blankie, teddy, or as we sleep specialists call it- a transitional object- to your child’s crib?
  • Why Your Baby Will Love A Lovie

    By Leslie Black
    Bumpers, toys and big blankets can be unsafe and are not recommended by Health Canada and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Aside of safety, things like mobiles, lights or too many toys can distract your baby and make it difficult for him or her to fall asleep.