Sleep Troubleshooting

  • 4 Signs Your Child Needs More Sleep

    By Dana Obleman
    Sometimes we have to do a little detective work to find out if our kids are actually as well-rested as we want them to be. Here are my top four signs your child needs to get more sleep!
  • Bedtime Routines

    By Ronee Welch
    Bedtimes routines are an essential cue to a child's mind and body that sleep is drawing near. They can be implemented as early as day one, though most parents find it easier to begin them after things have calmed down a bit.
  • Conquering The Early Morning Riser Once And For All

    By Kelley Thompson
    Early Morning Risers! As parent’s most of us have been in this situation the sun has yet to rise and there is our bright eyed child staring at us intently through the monitor or once they are in a regular bed, staring a hole right through us as they stand over our sleeping bodies. As if we are eagerly going to jump out of bed at 5 am with gleam in our eyes and excitement in our voice. We are thrilled to see our child each morning, if only they could not wake up before the chickens, I may have more pep in my step throughout the day.
  • Help With Early Morning Wake Ups

    By Michelle Winters
    There are two different types of early mornings. One we call “early rising” and that is typically defined as before 6:00AM. I consider anything before 6:00 AM the middle of the night! The other is when your child may wake at 6 or 6:30, but it is too early for you.
  • How to Help My Baby Nap Longer

    By Nicole Johnson, The Baby Sleep Site
    Most parents love it when their baby starts sleeping through the night or, at least, most of the night. But what if your baby is sleeping well at night but taking short naps? How can you help your baby nap longer? Today, we share 3 ways you can help your baby nap longer.
  • Never Wake a Sleeping Baby… Myth or Fact?

    By Kelly Weygandt
    If you have young children chances are you have heard the old adage “never wake a sleeping baby”.
  • Signing up for classes around a schedule?

    By Aimi Palmer
    Are you sat with the swimming class schedule for the next season and wondering how the heck can you book a class in advance not knowing what nap times will be?
  • Simple Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep More

    By Tamiko Kelly
    Sometimes you try everything in the hopes that something will finally help your baby sleep more. The constant wakes up are wearing you out. You’re starting to feel like a Jack-In-The-Box constantly popping in and out of your baby’s nursery all. night. long.
  • “Falling Back” -Tips for Managing the End of Daylight Savings

    By Becky Roosevelt
    Whether you’ve marked your calendar that daylight savings ends is near, or you haven’t given it a second thought, if you have children it’s important to consider how the time change will affect them.