Training Techniques

  • Are you ready for Sleep Training?

    By Kelly Weygandt
    As parents we have all had sleepless nights that seemed like they would never end. Undoubtedly at one time or another we have all searched for ways to get our children sleeping better and to get more sleep ourselves.
  • Cultivating Baby’s Ability to Self-Soothe

    By Jennie June
    If cultivating your baby’s ability to settle or self-soothe, thus providing healthful, less fragmented sleep, is important to you, then be mindful of this important process when responding to your tired, fussy baby
  • Drowsy But Awake

    By Michelle Winters
    If you have a child who is having sleep problems, or if you have read anything about children’s sleep, you have probably heard the term “Drowsy But Awake” and how important it is.
  • Making the Transition From Crib To Bed - Are You Ready?

    By Becky Roosevelt
    Nothing quite marks the end of your child’s “baby” stage as when they make the transition from the crib to a big girl/boy bed. If you want to set your child and yourself up for success during this transition, follow these six steps to make the move as smooth as possible:
  • Newborn Sleep Tips

    By Michelle Winters
    The first thing I suggest parents talk about is where they want their baby to sleep. While this may change depending on your child’s temperament and other factors, it is good to have a plan and have that discussion with your partner.
  • Recognizing Your Child’s Sleep Cues

    By Randi Forschler
    The best time for naps and bedtime is before your child becomes overtired. When children are pushed too far between sleep times, their bodies respond by releasing cortisol (a stress hormone telling the body to “fight or flight”) bringing your little one to a more alert state.
  • Redefining Sleep Training - Start Here For A General Overview!

    By Kelly Weygandt
    Having small children is exhausting. From sleepless nights with your newborn to early wakings with your infant to bedtime battles with your two year old, leaving you wondering if you will ever sleep again.
  • Sleep Routine Suggestions for 12-24 month old babies

    By Linda Szmulewitz
    Once your child turns one and begins toddling as well as really taking in all the information you are relaying to him and also responding back, this is where parenting really begins. Your child is now becoming a truly interactive human being.
  • The 3 C’s of Sleep Training

    By Kelly Weygandt
    Anyone facing sleep challenges with their young child knows how frustrating and confusing it can be. It seems everyone has a different opinion on how to fix the problem and each opinion contradicts the last.
  • “Springing Forward” - Tips for Managing the Start of Daylight Savings

    By Becky Roosevelt
    Daylight Savings is about to start. Springing forward an hour does not have to mean disaster for your child’s sleep. Here are a few tips for managing your child’s sleep during the Daylight Savings transition: