Why does my baby need a BittaSack?

BittaSack safely provides a Lovie in the crib.
BittaSack thoughtfully provides a Lovie that can't be lost in the crib or tossed out of the crib.
BittaSack is the wearable blanket that cannot twist around baby or cover baby's face.
BittaSack has a diagonal zipper that allows baby to stay comfortable while you easily change diapers.
BittaSack makes it easier for you because the diagonal zipper has no ends to match up - zips like a dress, not a jacket.
BittaSack is near impossible for baby to unzip because the diagonal zipper ends under the arm.

The BittaSack is all the comfort baby needs and the sensibilities you require when it comes to your baby's crib experience, and it's all wrapped up into a luxurious, thoughtfully designed wearable blanket. For more information visit the BittaSack product page.

When is my baby ready for a BittaSack?

The ideal time to introduce your baby to the BittaSack is at the end of the swaddle stage, from 3-4 months through 12 months. At this time, babies are developing grasping skills and ready to grab hold of the Lovies.

Now comes the hard part, assisting your baby as he learns the art of sleeping longer stretches. Every parent has his/her own approach to this process. The good news is the BittaSack will aid all parents, no matter what your philosophy on sleep training is.

Will my baby know how to use the Lovies?

Put your baby in the BittaSack consistently at bedtime and naptime. Introduce the Lovies to your baby by placing them in his hands.

Over time, your baby will learn the Lovies are there for comfort. He will find them without your help and instinctively calm himself, no parents needed. In the beginning, your baby will find the Lovies by accident and it will help control the arm flailing young babies are prone to. As time goes on and your baby develops more control over his arms and hands, he will begin to bring his Lovies to his face for comfort.

What if my baby is not interested in lovies?

The BittaSack has been designed with innovative features that improve the basic functionality of a wearable blanket - improvements that help both baby and you. So even if lovies aren't your thing, the BittaSack is.

Is there a Lovie for during the day?

BittaDaytime is the same soft Lovie used on the BittaSack. It has a clip for attachment directly to clothing. It is the perfect Lovie for On The Go. For more information visit the BittaDaytime product page.

Can I still give my baby a cute traditional lovie if I use the BittaSack?

Of course! The BittaSack safely provides comfort in the crib. During the day when baby is awake, any traditional lovie can provide comfort. Down the road this gives you more options. You may decide that baby no longer needs a lovie during the day - but still needs the comfort for sleep. You can limit the traditional lovie use without affecting the sleep routine in a BittaSack.

Will my baby become attached to one specific BittaSack?

Unlike a traditional security item such as a stuffed animal or blankie, your baby will not have an attachment to a specific BittaSack. He'll know to look for his Lovies as he goes in and out of sleep cycles and in the mornings when he wakes up, and he will be happy wearing any color or pattern BittaSack.